Basketball is for everyone, whether they be man or woman. There are many people that enjoy basketball. Gather your friends and show them your new moves. Do you have skills? Keep reading to find out.

You have to know how to bounce pass properly. In order for a bounce pass to be sufficient, the person should receive the ball around their waist. Bounce it 3/4 of the distance to the receiver. There are other things to keep in mind, though.

Frequent pass catching practice is important. Make sure you get used to catching less than perfect passes smoothly. During a game, you can expect there to be many errant passes. Being able to get imperfect passes will limit turnovers.

You should practice against a variety of defense types, not just one. Most of the game is in that area, but be careful about a team who changes things up. If you have not practiced against this, you may lose your grip of the game for the remainder of it.

One great way to pass good is to drill when you can without dribbling. It is difficult playing without dribbling; however, it helps the team make better passes. The accuracy of passes will greatly improve over time and the drill will become a lot easier.

Would you like to completely fool the opposing team, making them look silly? How about the behind the back pass? To start, grab the ball using your good hand. Then you will want to pull the ball into position behind your back. The last step is to flick your wrist in the direction you want the ball to land. This should trick the opposing team.

Pay attention closely to the shoulders if you’re starting to slump when you shoot. If you have a bad shoulder position, it doesn’t matter how great you are the shot isn’t going to go on. Keep your shoulders squared with the basket at all times. The dominant shoulder must be perfectly aligned with the rim.

If the opposition is hot on your tail, pass between your legs. This can be practiced by dribbling the ball as hard as you can between the legs while you step in either direction. If you can master this move, it will give you quite the advantage when you are on the court.

You must have a consistent practice routine if you want to learn to shoot free throws well. If you stay inconsistent, you miss a shot. Repetition is an excellent way to improve your ability to make each free throw. Stick with a routine until you can perfect it. If you are off your game, you will not make the shot.

You should now be able to be confident when you start playing so you can hit the court with that confidence. You could potentially have learned a few great techniques that your friends have never heard of. This is supposed to be a fun game! Winning will be fun, too, of course!